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Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by Zaruto, Apr 27, 2018.

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    1. What is your IGN? ThirdHand

    2. Did you have any past IGN's in the past? if so, list them all below. Todayz I dont know any more
    3. What is your current age?14 finna be 15 in 2 months

    4. What country do you live in?texas

    5. What is your timezone? eg, EST, GMT+4, etc. Cst

    6. How much hours are you able to spend on secondcraft every day/week? Note: Please don't enter insane amounts like 8-10 hours. When you are accepted and your only playing about 3 hours, you will have to explain some to us ☻ I can play like 3-4 hours then I record then I can come back on for a Nother 1-2 hourz

    7. What languages can you fluently speak? Only English

    8. Have you ever been banned, muted, blacklisted or otherwise punished on SecondCraft? Never

    9. When did you hear first about our network? Friends and Fans

    10. What brings you here? Why do you want to be staff on SecondCraft? I want to help the community grow and do what I need to do as staff

    11. What do you like about SecondCraft? The hcf

    12. What can we do better? It'
    Fine how it is
    13. How long have you been playing HCF? 1-2 years

    14. What is your opinion on HCF's current state on SecondCraft? Have not played it yet

    15. What gamemode do you play the most on our network? eg. I play HCF the most because... I have not played yet

    16. For the gamemode you play the most, what is one thing you would have changed about it (If anything)?Pearling though fence gates if that'
    Not added
    17. Aside from Minecraft, do you play any other team based sports or video games? Fortnite that's it
    18. What makes you different from other applicants? A lot of thing from helping the server and it's players
    19. Do you have any previous staff experience? If so, list them all below including your duty. I was staff on cave then I left the community when i was moderator
    (eg. Helper - ExampleMC - Moderating Chat)

    20. What is your telegram username? Kay jack

    21. What is your Twitter (@)? (Leave it blank if you don't have a twitter, twitter is not a requirement) @XXGalaxyPlaysXX
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    Thanks for your application, I decided to deny this application due to the lack of details and language mistakes. Please re-apply in 2 weeks when you think you're ready! Thanks for the time and effort!

    Sqlty <3
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